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In this era of globalisation, countries, organisations and people are faced with the challenges of depending on each other for their security, prosperity and environmental sustainability.

Effective partnerships are essential in this 21st century world.

We understand that these challenges are not easily overcome. Working together in partnership, however, is our best chance of exploring and developing solutions that work for everyone.


Working in partnership we can draw on a wider range of ideas, knowledge and experience. In partnership we are better able to address our shared challenges and profit from the benefits. is a free education resource portal design to improve the lives of children through innovated learning technologies, with partnership and commitment of national associations and institutions, professional networks, local communities and government ministries in order to establish the trust and understanding required for the growth of an educated society.

Partnering with us will give your organisation access to regional audiences and markets, intercultural expertise and a trusted global brand. A partnership with is a partnership with a leader in business of improving the lives of children.

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Parent Resources

  • Discussion Forum

    A place for parents to discuss topics on children learning development and Ideas to help other parents to improve at home learning skills.
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  • Downloadable Worksheets

    Find downloadable worksheets by grade 1-6.
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  • Using

    Get involve with your child's learning development, take charge with our free resources.
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