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It is in the interests of everyone to see programmes for positive reform and development succeed, for we all share in the benefits of a Jamaica that is more secure, is more educated and has a sustainable environment. Teach It To Kids has a vision in delivering such programmes nationally to achieve these goals. 

We urge you to become a member.  It will go a far way in assisting us to complete our mission, as well as to give access to many children so they can benefit from what Teach it To Kids offer.  Your support will help add tomorrows every day.

In addition to funding, we are, also, in need of volunteers.  Without faithful volunteers, Teach it To Kids would not be able to provide the level of service and/or reach the children who need it most.   Due to limited funding, we do not have the manpower or funds to do all the work; that is why volunteers are so important and needed.  Volunteering is also good for you.  It will give you a great feeling of knowing that you have helped children in a meaningful way that will have an impact for a lifetime.  Help us to share our vision of a better Jamaica. Volunteer and join the many others that have become the last line of defense against a decline in the quality of education.




Become a SPONSOR

Invest In a child's education. With each corporate sponsorship, Teach It To Kids will continue to work hard to elevate the quality of education in Jamaica through our FREE online education Portal.

We need your help! Teach It To Kids is still a work in process. Though our website is now being utilized by students, parents and teachers, we are still seeking to populate it with a great deal of content as well as to continue to improve the functions of the website and its offerings. There are approximately 4,000 additional animated lessons and exercises as well as over 50,000 practice test questions,
for the various grade levels, that remains to be added to the website. Teach It To Kids is in need of sponsors to fund the developmental, data entry, improvements and maintenance needs of this project. We seek to complete this project by the end of Jan 2026. With the current visits to the website at over 346,000, we know that Jamaican students are in need of this FREE e-learning option.

Please take the time to join and choose a member plan to show your support. Your membership will have a great impact in allowing us to offer the best resources for all children, everywhere, and not only for those who can afford them. Using the power of the Internet, and the goodwill of our many sponsors and contributors, this goal is possible. We look forward to working with you to better Jamaica through its most valuable asset . . . our children.




Join Teach It To Kids and make a difference in the lives of children and families within Jamaica, and around the world.  Become a supporter of Teach It To Kids, and support our high-quality education programs for primary school students that will lay the foundation for school readiness, academic success, and adult achievement.  As a supporter, you will be listed on our website as one of the supporters that have made Teach It To Kids possible and FREE to all children within Jamaica.  In addition, supporters will receive updates on the progress that we are making with our e-Learning Portal website, as well as information on the impact that our program has on educating Jamaican kids.  

Please choose one of our support options that will give students access to utilize our Practice Tests, Lessons, Games, Exercises and Online Library.  By becoming a supporter, you will play a vital part in supporting the important work of improving education for the children of Jamaica.

Are you ready to join us and make a difference?



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Perhaps you’re looking to develop a new product or programme that requires national partners.  Or you might just want to act on the general desire to do something in the area of Education or cultural relations for the good of Jamaica and children.

If so, then why not advertise with us?

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