About Teach It To Kids

Teachittokids.org is a new approach that takes advantage of today's technology. It's a free and convenient, Online Education Portal that combines learning with fun educational Lessons, Exercises and Games.
Kids love using Teachittokids.org to learn and to develop their skills, to prepare for exams like the GSAT, Grade Four Literacy and Numeracy Tests and the Grade 3 Assessment Test in Mathematics and Language Arts or to sharpen their understanding online in any subject that they did not quite understand in school.   We invite you to Practice the GSAT Exam online in any subject and view every test results for FREE.
Parents like that Teachittokids.org  tracks progress and helps students advance along individualized learning paths. Parents also love that they can view every test results to monitor their child’s progress as they work to master the skills and concepts needed for academic success.
Have a child with math and reading skills at different grade levels?
No problem,  Teachittokids.org has no
registration limits or activity restrictions. Practice in any grade or subject for FREE.
Teachittokids.org for Homeschool, Afterschool, or Summer Use
Teachittokids.org curriculum can be the foundation of a homeschool program.  Many homeschool families use Teachittokids.org as core curriculum in one or more subjects.
Other families use TeachitToKids.org to supplement other homeschool curriculum with a fun, interactive reinforcement of the day's lessons.  Families with children in public or private schools use Teachittokids.org
afterschool as an alternative to tutoring, learning centers, or supplementary workbooks.
Teachittokids.org is also popular as a summer skills sharpener or can be used in place of attending summer school or paying for extra lessons.

Teachittokids.org program has been refined through feedback from educators, parents, and students.

In fact, our
animated lessons are followed by interactive activities to assure a student's mastery of skills.  The lessons teach the concepts that build a solid foundation and the exercises refine the skills and habits that provide ongoing success.

Teachittokids.org e-learning portal now includes and will be offering a steadily increasing mix of the following subject areas and learning resources:

• Math
• Language Arts
• Science
• Social Studies
• Communications
• Tutors
• Library and Reading Center
• Arts and Crafts
• Downloadable Worksheets

View one of our lesson area to experience what we offer:  Language Arts Lessons.





Parent Resources

  • Discussion Forum

    A place for parents to discuss topics on children learning development and Ideas to help other parents to improve at home learning skills.
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  • Downloadable Worksheets

    Find downloadable worksheets by grade 1-6.
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  • Using TeachItToKids.com

    Get involve with your child's learning development, take charge with our free resources.
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